What is the Kimber Academy?

It's a big question, hear from the students:

You Can Also Hear Some Experiences From Parents:

All three of my children were blessed to attend your schools, at least for some period of time. We have also been blessed to have had many of the books you two have written and you beautifully illustrated, Julianne, in our homeschooling.
Through the years, my children and I have been full of gratitude that you offered an alternative to our public school dilemma. And, secondly, that it turned out to be such a testimony building, wholesome experience, that reinforced our family values.
Of critical importance were the teachings they received in history and especially the making of America. I am grateful my children love America.
Any day now, my grandchildren will receive the, "I Love America" curriculum. Your work continues to bless others.
Karen D
K.A. Grandmother

But What Does a Kimber Academy Graduate Look Like?

The Kimber curriculum is unique. It is geared to help students to develop a love of learning, which allows them to excel at a faster rate than other forms of schooling. The average graduate is about 15 and a half years old, and is prepared to succeed in major universities. When following the Kimber Academy program, students don’t only enjoy learning, they are able to progress one grade level every 90 days. 

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