Unlike other professional testing companies, the testing procedures used by Kimber Academy are not designed for student placement. The tests are diagnostic only.

The purpose of the Kimber Academy Testing is to track a student’s individual progress throughout the school year. This is so adjustments can be made in a timely manner.

Students cannot fail the test, nor can they achieve 100%. The tests are designed simply to see where the student is academically, not to see if he or she is better or worse than any other student. It is important for students to understand this so that they do not become overly concerned about being tested on achievement.

Tests for Students Under Age 12

Four separate levels of testing have been developed for the Junior Class students.

(Note: Since students are on different levels of learning, some age groups will obviously overlap.)

  1. Beginner test (approximate student ages: 5-6)
  2. Intermediate test (approximate student ages: 6-8)
  3. Junior Elementary test (approximate student ages: 8-10)
  4. Advanced Elementary test (approximate student ages: 10-12)

Tests for Students Age 12 & Older

The Senior Class Students (over age 12) take high school diagnostic exams from the National Testing Center ™ (NTC). This diagnostic testing is based on levels consistent with the national GED and ACT.

The diagnostic tests cover 22 subjects, and because they are administered every 3 months, student progress can be monitored and adjusted accordingly throughout the school year.

After the tests have been corrected, parents keep the score sheets so they can compare and monitor their student’s progress.

Anyone may use the Kimber Academy testing. It is not limited to the Academies alone.

To order tests for your students, contact the Testing Center by clicking here.

The tests will be corrected and analyzed at the NTC and returned within a week.


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