There was a chapter that really impacted me

by daxson - age 12

There was a chapter that impacted me 

it is 1 Nephi chapter thirteen you see 

it is about the colonization 

of a great nation

its the USA

Hey hey hey

I was so amazed

my mind was just crazed

I loved it so much

it talks about the country that I love such

this is it

1 nephi chapter 13   summary Nephi sees in a vision : the church of the devil set up among  the gentiles ; the discovery and colonization of America ;the loss of many plain and precious parts  of the Bible ; the resultant state of gentile apostasy ; the restoration of the gospel, the coming forth of latter day scripture, and the building of Zion.”

America is a story of great help from god and good old American grit.

by Daxson Willam Jones

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