The Prince’s Test

by Aubbri - age 13

The Prince’s test

Once there lived a prince by the name of Lander. He was at the age where he was ready to take a wife. He searched far and wide from land to land but, he couldn’t find the kindhearted woman he desired.

He decided to host a banquet and invite all the eligible princesses from many kingdoms.

He sent His messengers out to find princesses to invite. They were able to find three that qualified. Adeline, who was the eldest, had very fair skin and golden hair, Diana also had fair skin but she had black, curly, mid-length hair, Hazel the youngest had tan skin with dark brown hair which went past her waistline. They lived in adjoining kingdoms somewhere on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The prince invited them all to a royal banquet but they would have to walk a mile from the gates to the castle to attend. All the princesses accepted. They all arrived at the gates of the castle gardens at around 5:30 about a half hour before the banquet would start.

They all decided to walk together to keep each other company during the walk. Not very far into the hike Adeline and Diana were very tired because they had never hiked very far. But Hazel was used to these hikes because her family did many things like this because of the many beautiful scenic trails in her kingdom.

“Ouch!!” Diana complained “my feet hurt.”

“Its my back that’s aching” Adeline snapped back.

But Hazel said kindly “maybe you will feel better if you look at all the beauty around us.”

“What beauty?” Diana asked with a confused face.

“Well all the beautiful trees” Hazel said with a soft voice “and all the the flowers with petals of all colors and the waterfall in the distance all those things are beautiful.”

“If you say so” Diana declared.

They walked in silence for some time. Only hearing the sound of birds chirping and their feet on the stone path. Then in the distance they saw a beggar woman sitting on the side of the road her wrinkled face was covered in dirt, her dark clothes looked like rags, and her teeth were yellow with a few missing. she held a cup in her hand and as the princesses passed she asked for a coin. Diana and Adeline steered away from her passing on the opposite side of the road. But Hazel knew this woman needed help so Hazel reached down in the pocket of her dress and drew out 10 gold coins dropping each of them in the cup.

“There you go” she said with a kind voice “I hope this will buy you some food.

“Thank you Miss I am forever grateful” she said “I will be able to sleep on a full stomach tonight.”

Further down the road they met a farmer bringing hay to the castle for the king’s animals but his oxen had broken free and the cart would not move without them. So Hazel ran over and helped the unfortunate man. Adeline and Diana did end up helping a little but just because the farmer promised to give them a ride to the castle after they caught the oxen. So Diana and Adeline Had to Help or be left behind. After successfully catching the oxen the princesses hopped on the cart, Hazel on the front seat with the farmer while the others rode on the scratchy hay in the back.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me” the farmer said “I could still be trying to catch my oxen, they spooked when a rabbit crossed the road. So I had to take the yoke off or run the risk of having to reload the cart with hay.

In no time they arrived at the castle. The prince greeted them and they chatted while they waited for the food to be ready. No one commented on Hazel’s messed up hair and dress but afterward the prince told the princesses. “you have all been pleasant to be around” he said “but I am curios, how was your walk up here?” he asked.

“Boring” said Adeline

“Absolutely dreadful” cried Diana

“Pleasant” said Hazel softly astonishing them all.

Just then the food was brought in the room and the princesses enjoyed a wide array of the finest foods in the kingdom. While they dined they had the most pleasant conversations that lasted long into the night. In the morning the princesses bid farewell to the prince and set off to their own kingdoms. In time Hazel and Lander fell in love and they were married under the illustrious shade of a cherry blossom tree to live together for eternity

               The End

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