Susan’s Story

by Emily - age 14

Susan grinned as she walked home from school. She had gotten 100% on her test and she was proud. She said a silent thank you to God as she continued on her way. Susan pounded happily up the porch steps, and opened the door.

“Mom,” she called as she walked into the kitchen. One look at her mom was all it took. Something was wrong. In the next few minutes Susan’s test score fell to the back of her mind as her mom talked.

“The Russians are invading,” Susan’s mom said, looking very
concerned. “It was on the news. The first of their soldiers crossed over a few minutes ago, and a few Americans have been shot.” Susan shivered at that. She and her parents were Americans.

Over the next few weeks Susan’s life drastically changed. Soldiers patrolled the city. It wasn’t safe for Americans to go around, so Susan’s family stayed at home. They packed, and waited for a plane flight to open up so they could go to

One day, Susan’s dad went to the grocery store, because they
were almost to the bottom of their food. When he didn’t come back, Susan and her mom began to worry. They learned he had been taken by the Russian soldiers, and they they did not know where he was.

“What are we going to do?” Susan asked her mom with tear-filled eyes.

“We must pray, and trust God,” Her mom answered. “He is the only one who can take care of us and protect us.”

Susan thought back to that time as she watched the ocean whizz by below.  God had blessed them, and a flight had opened a few spots in the packed plane so they could go to America. How silly test scores seemed now.

Susan tried to hold back the tears as she thought of her father. He was still in Ukraine, and Susan and her mother didn’t even know if he was alive or not. As if Susan’s mother knew her thoughts, she reached over and squeezed Susan’s hand.

“God will watch over him,” her mother whispered. Susan said a silent thank you to God that they had gotten out of Ukraine, and silently pleaded with him to watch over her dad.

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