Samuel the Lamanite

by Marshall - age 13

(An exercise for writing in first person)

I was living another normal day in Zarahemla, doing my normal military training routine. I was doing pushups when I saw a man standing on top of the city wall. He seemed to be preaching to the people and looked as if he were a Lamanite, though strangely he looked familiar. I knew no Lamanites, so taking my equipment I went to take a closer look. And then, it hit me. It was that prophet I had seen yesterday, teaching the people on the street. People like him fascinated me, so I stayed and listen to what he had to say.  The 86th year of the reign of the judges had been strange, but nothing like this, I thought. The man said many things, including the destruction of this people if we did not repent, and a child being born in five years that would redeem the righteous from their sins. I felt a burning within me, like a voice telling me what he was saying was true. And then I heard yelling. My captain was angrily telling the soldiers to start firing at him. I hesitated, not sure what to do. I was thinking hard when the bow that I was holding slipped out of my hands. I had made my decision. I would not hurt him, for his words had touched my heart.

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