Rosy The Dolphin–(A “Just-So” short story)

by Aubbri - age 14

Once upon a time there was a large pod of dolphins. They lived in a secret cove not far from the coast. One day one of the younger dolphins, Rosy, decided to venture beyond the reef. She said goodbye to her family and swam off into the unknown.

Before long she came to the mouth of a freshwater river, she swam cautiously through the opening which was quite small. She had almost decided to turn around when the river widened. She was now in a large river. She noticed that the more she swam up the river the more pinkish colored the water was. The water finally got so murky that it was hard to see where she was going. She decided she would enjoy exploring the ocean better than the river so she went back the way she had come.

When she reached the mouth of the river she realized she felt… different. She twirled around in the water and realized she looked different too. Her shiny gray skin had been changed by the pinkish river water, she was now a shiny pink color. She couldn’t wait to show her family her new look, so she made her way back to her home. Her family loved her new look so much that they all went to to the pink river to get new pink skin.

After all of Rosy’s family had been to the river she realized that the pink murkiness of the water had transferred to the dolphins revealing the sandy river bottom and the water wasn’t murky anymore. Her family decided to stay and that’s how the pink river dolphins got their pink skin.

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