Our World

by Lily - age 11

There’s trees and flowers,

Birds that sing,

There’s soft green grass that

Comes with spring.

There’re mountains, lakes, and

People, too;

Your family is

Here for you.

There’re open plains and

Forests wide,

There’re stars that want to

Be your guide.

There’re plants that help you

When you’re sick,

There’re natural herbs that

You can pick.

There’re golden rays of

Warm sunlight,

There’re candles that light

Up the night.

There’s wildlife of

Every kind,

And so much more that

You can find.

I could continue

Writing this,

I could go

On and on,

But I think I’ll get

To the point,

Before it

Gets too long.

For God made all these

Things you see,

He put them on this earth,

To help us all more happy be,

How much this

World is worth!

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