Mahonri Moriancumer

by Aubbri - age 13

By Aubbri Wagner

(Tirza Rima Poetry)

The brother of Jared lived near the city of Babylon,

He received visions which he acted on,

And Jared knew where he had gone.

He’d go and teach the people,

He’d tell them which things were evil,

He’d tell the things that, in the lord’s sight, were illegal.

The people didn’t listen, they were angry and walked away,

This happened many times until one day,

A man started mumbling, Jared didn’t know what to say.

He thought he had lost his head ,

Little did he know, no one understood what he said,

Mahonri rushed to Jared, he saw him just ahead.

Jared wanted him to ask god to keep their languages pure,

Mahonri asked the lord and he assured

That their words were secure.

They hurried to their house, outside the town,

Their family was ready for instructions, so they found,

They got ready their camels, who were laying on the ground.

They traveled in the desert for eight years at most,

And, I think, many mornings they had a wish for toast,

Then by the sea they pitched their tent posts.

They stayed by the sea for years equaling to four,

The lord chastised Mahonri, saying his choice had been poor,

He was sad that he had not chosen to call upon the lord.

After that they set out in the barges eight.

The barges were able to float going almost straight,

They were tossed, deep in the sea, because of their weight.

They finally made it to the promised land!

After months at sea, this land looked grand,

They made it through all their trials with the help of the lord’s hand.

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