by Aubbri - age 13

By Aubbri Wagner        Age 13


Many many years ago,

Their stood a garden by the name of Eden,

There were no people on the earth at that time,

So God sent Adam to his new home.


Adam was lonely in the garden, all alone,

So God sent him a wife –her name was Eve,

Together they nurtured the garden,

And the animals within.


In the middle of the garden there stood two trees,

One was of good fruit and one was of bad,

The bad fruit was forbidden by God, you see,

Then came a serpent down from a tree.


Eve was alone, for a moment, one day,

Down came the serpent who was Satan, you see,

He tempted her to eat the fruit from the bad tree,

Eve gave in and ate the fruit, found out right and wrong.


Adam found out, and he was sad, but he gave in too,

So both Eve an Adam had eaten the fruit.

They were banned from the garden,

And allowed to have kids.


I think that last part is good because without it we wouldn’t be here!

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