Goliath the Giant

by Tyler - age 17

(An exercise for writing in first person)

I challenged the Israelites to come down into the valley and fight me in a solo battle for 40 days, but no one came. A boy without any weapons or armor that I could see, came down into the valley and accepted my challenge. I roared with laughter at the hilarious sight of a little boy thinking that he could defeat me, the Champion of the Philistines, Goliath the Giant. As he was walking towards me he grabbed a strap off of his belt and something small out of his pouch at his side. He started swinging the strap above his head as I was leveling my spear. I had just gotten my spear into position to ram it through this little boy, but the boy let go of one of the ends of his strap. I heard a whistle then felt a sharp pain on my forehead right between my eyes and all went black.

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