Science – How and Why Did God Create

Science is how students find the answers to this most important question of the universe — How and Why did God create all things?  For what purpose do things and people exist?  In this class Dr. Kimber will explain many of the “how’s” and give resources where students can find these answers.  Then students will use their own resources like scripture to answer the question:  “WHY did God create?”

In this class students will write their own science book.  They will research, illustrate, define and explain various vocabulary words as they create their own book, using all kinds of resources for their research.  They will learn more with this method than reading books and taking quizzes from any other type of science book.

Students can choose from six sciences:

  • How and Why God Created My Body (Physiology)
  • How and Why God Created Animals (Zoology)
  • How and Why God Created Plants (Botany)
  • How and Why God Created Things (Chemistry)
  • How and Why God Created The Earth (Geology)
  • How and Why God Created The Universe (Astronomy)


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