Learning a Love of Literature

Reading book as a group is so much fun! You can really learn the principles of the gospel through literature.
Throughout the year we will learn literature from Scripture, Poetry, Biography, Classic, Drama, and literature about a specific nation.
It is best when each student has their own copy of the book and we all have the same book edition so we can refer to the page numbers together.

$40.00 / month for 9 months

This year we focus on Jewish culture and early Christian History. Here is our line up:
  • Introduction to the Literature Branch
  • Scripture : The Bible
  • Biography: Abraham
  • Poetry: Hebrew Poetry, the Psalms
  • Jewish Hanukkah party
  • Nation: The Chosen
  • Drama: Merchant of Venice

This class will be taught as a power point presentation along with a group discussion. I encourage you to read the books before attending the class. While reading The Chosen we focus on the Background, Arthur, Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme, and Style of the book. I encourage you to mark up your books (to teach from again).