Principles of Language Arts

Service is the key to excelling in Language Arts.  Students of this age group will normally complete one principle a week and then use that principle in some kind of service, using their talents in writing, reading, drama, art, and other creativity such as poetry and music.  Language Arts then becomes a subject for perfecting grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure as students present their service projects.  Some time is spent in each class on learning or perfecting cursive writing skills.

$60.00 / month

If you register before school begins, there is a free trial included, where you can access previously recorded classes.

There are five Language Arts Manuals.

  1.  Reading and Writing, Fun & Easy — a manual for teaching children how to read.
  2.  Called To Serve — A manual and workbook for younger students, about age 6 – 8
  3. Losing Oneself in Academic Service — Language Arts, Volume 1, basic Language Arts principles
  4. Losing Oneself in Academic Service — Language Arts, Volume 2, Language Arts principles, cont’d.
  5. Creative Writing — Advanced students; poetry, short stories, outlines & taking class notes, research papers


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