Junior B History -1700s

The years during the 1700s are full of exciting events!  America struggled for freedom for many years before it became the most powerful nation on earth.  The heroic actions of our Founding Fathers made that happen, and this course presents their lives and the struggle.  Students learn history as well as patriotism as they study these amazing years and witness the miracle that made our country great.

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The 1700s, “Let Freedom Ring,” class is the first in a 3-part series.  Students learn about the beginnings of America, its struggles for freedom, the anarchy that followed the Revolutionary War, and the peace that the Founders’ new government under the Constitution brought to the country.  Students have a 2-volume workbook with activities, stories,  and coloring pages that enhance their experience of our nation’s beginnings.  (Series #2 covers history of the 1800s.  Series #3 covers history of the 1900s.)


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