Junior A Language Arts

For students who can already read and write, this class focuses on doing service projects with the principles of Language Arts — through writing, speaking, drama, artwork and crafts.  Also included in the workbook and teacher’s manual is a section on learning or improving cursive writing, which will be practiced each day in class.

$60.00 / month

If you register before school begins, there is a free trial included, where you can access previously recorded classes.

There are five Language Arts Manuals.

  1.  Reading and Writing, Fun & Easy — a manual for teaching children how to read.
  2.  Called To Serve — A manual and workbook for younger students, about age 6 – 8
  3. Losing Oneself in Academic Service — Language Arts, Volume 1, basic Language Arts principles
  4. Losing Oneself in Academic Service — Language Arts, Volume 2, Language Arts principles, cont’d.
  5. Creative Writing — Advanced students; poetry, short stories, outlines & taking class notes, research papers


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