Junior A History

There are 2 different histories combined together for this class.

  1. The “I Love America” class is full of fun activities to learn about our American Heritage, from Betsy Ross and the American Flag, to studies of various Founding Fathers, to the story of Pocahontas and Jamestown.  Children also learn the basics of Constitutional government with simple charts and activities.
  2. “I Love the States” is a study of each of the 50 states of the Union.  The children color pictures in their workbook of state trees, flowers, products and flags while they learn information about each state, as well as do fun activity pages.

Along with the lessons, children listen to and learn songs that go along with each of the subjects.

$60.00 / month

This is a Core Class, which is included if you purchase the Bundle.

If you register before school begins, there is a free trial included, where you can access previously recorded classes.


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