Healing of America

If America is ever to be healed, it will be up to our young people and God.  Chronicles says He will heal our land if we humble ourselves and call upon Him and repent.

One way to “repent” is to become informed.  This “Healing of America” series consists of 4 volumes of vital information that can make all the difference.  Teens and parents, grandparents and all adults are encouraged to attend this class by Dr. Kimber.

There are 4 volumes for this course:

  1. “God’s Hand in the Building of America” — a study of the Founding Fathers and their influence in forming a new free nation.
  2. “God’s Charter of Freedom” — an indepth study of the Constitution
  3. “Attacks on the Charter of Freedom” — What happened to destroy many of the basic principles of freedom outlined in the Constitution and who was responsible for causing that great document to “hang by a thread”
  4. “The Healing of America” — straightforward ways in which the Constitution can be amended to its original purity and save our nation from imploding.

You won’t want to miss this course!  The First semester will cover Volumes 1 and 2; Second semester Volumes 3 and 4.

$60.00 / month

If you register before school begins, there is a free trial included, where you can access previously recorded classes.


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