Attacks on the Charter of Freedom

An in-depth look at the attacks on the Lord’s Charter of Freedom, the United States Constitution.

$40.00 / month for 5 months

This continues the in-depth seminar on the understanding of the Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers.

First Semester:  Dr. Kimber will be teaching Healing of America Seminar #3, called ATTACKS ON THE CHARTER OF FREEDOM.  In this class students will learn how the Constitution has been – and is currently being— destroyed, changed, and ignored.  This is causing America to go through one of its most challenging times in history.

Manual:  Healing of America Seminar #3 “Attacks on the Charter of Freedom” — $15.95

Second Semester, Dr. Kimber will cover ways we can heal our land.  Students, however, will not understand how to heal our country if they do not understand what caused her to be ill, and so will need to take the other three courses in order to understand the part THEY will play in beginning to heal America and restore our freedoms and liberty.

Manual:  Healing of America Seminar #4 – “Restoring the Constitution” — $15.95