America in History & Prophecy

This class will incorporate the prophecies from scripture and living prophets pertaining to America’s past and its vitally important future.  Students will learn what to expect in the next few years on both North and South America, which Joseph Smith called “Zion.”  What the prophets are teaching about these events are currently happening in the lives of today’s students.

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This is a Core Class, which is included if you purchase the Bundle.
If you register before school begins, there is a free trial included, where you can access previously recorded classes.

Inasmuch as this will be a multi-denominational class, information and materials will be presented from religious leaders of different denominations, as each have felt inspired to teach and warn people of various religions about the importance of understanding the Lord’s perspective of freedom.

In addition to the basic manual for this course, Dr. Kimber will be referring to a number of other writers that students will want to obtain and read.  This class will also cover what is going to be happening in the near future as the Second Coming of the Messiah nears – all pertaining to our freedom, our challenges, and opportunities to justify the Heavens in healing this land for this preparation.



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