Parent Training

Welcome to the Parent training corner! Here you can find the latest tips on educating your children in the classical form.

Before you begin, please view the Parent Basic Training series, and don’t forget to use the books! The videos are supplementary to the books, using both together is shown to dramatically increase the success of your children in the Kimber Academy System.

Dress and Grooming

Standards of Dress, Grooming, and Conduct Young Ladies Young ladies should wear clean, modest clothing in good condition and without holes. They should avoid appearing sloppy

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Richard Genck

Defeating Dyslexia

This is a two part training on how to overcome dyslexia. Researchers found that most dyslexia is not medical, but is habitual, and can be

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Education Detox

We’ve noticed that students coming to the Kimber Academy often need some time to detox from the environment they were in. Dr. Kimber discusses this

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