Our Success Formula

Our Success Formula

Extensive studies of various educational systems have proven that students are frequently over-curriculumized and over-directed. Many textbooks, teachers, and even parents try to do too much for the student.  As a result, in so many cases students have forgotten how to do their own thinking and learning.

At Kimber Academy, students have the freedom to learn at their own pace, and to go as deep as they wish into a subject.  When a student first enrolls into the Academy, he or she often feels lost because of this freedom of thought.  Many are so used to being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why, they don’t know where to start.  However, once they grasp the freedom that comes from excelling on their own, their knowledge and self-confidence soars!

Classrooms are not divided by age, but levels of learning.  In this positive learning environment, student creativity, excitement and desire to learn sky-rocket.

The curriculum is principle-based and God-centered, with an emphasis on Constitutional principles of government in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.

Because we are a private educational center (not public, charter, or other government hybrid) there are no strings, controls or mandates from a government entity which would require separation of God from education.  

Each of the 5 intrinsic values in the Kimber Curricula are designed to reinforce a good, strong relationship between the student and his/her Creator.

In addition to the 5 intrinsic values that Kimber Academy students practice daily, there are several other principles that are applied and emphasized in and outside the classroom:

  • Inviting, maintaining and using the influence of God’s spirit.
  • Building a foundation of learning on correct principles.
  • Fostering an environment for developing a love of learning.
  • Enhancing a relationship with God and family first.
  • Focusing primarily on intrinsic values, and using academics as the tools to achieve those life-long talents.
  • Recognizing various programs which are opposed to family values (such as separating siblings, homework overload, substituting parents with state demands, irreligious teachings, etc.), and countering their effects by strengthening the family.

The faculty at Kimber Academy does not assign homework.  If parents or students desire to do more school work at home, that is up to them.  The goal is to help students develop such a love of learning that they will WANT to do homework.  When education  is fun and exciting, it can be expanded in the home, and learning will become a joy.


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