Options for Every Family

The Glenn J. Kimber Academy is a family education program. As such, our program is fully customizable to meet your family's needs. We are here to help.

In Class

Our schools are a great place for your children to come learn and grow in a spiritual, friendly, structured environment. Our teachers are uniquely trained to include God and morality in their curriculum, teaching, and discipline. 

Classes include core subjects and electives. Elective classes vary (slightly) by school. Find locations here!

Distance Learning

Our distance program allows families all over the nation to participate through a live web conference, through which students can interact directly with their instructor and fellow students online! 

This is a great option for those who want to do “test run” with the Kimber Academy, who are too far to travel to a local academy, or who need to have a more flexible schedule.


For those who want to go the route of full homeschooling and are interested in our curriculum, we are here for you too!  You can find the curriculum here, and more information on the National Testing Center, to help watch and measure your child’s growth, by clicking here.