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Senior Core Classes

Senior core classes are taught Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 7am and ending at noon MT.

Note: Please submit an application so we can get to know your family & how to best help you with needed materials.

First Semester

This class covers comprehensive and thorough training on the Old Testament, its influence in world history and how its teachings apply to the everyday life of today’s students.  The hook-date method will assist students in retaining information as well as learning how to apply these important doctrines and historic principles in their lives.   

$40 per month


This class will incorporate the prophecies from scripture and living prophets pertaining to America’s past and its vitally important future.  Students will learn what to expect in the next few years on both North and South America, which Joseph Smith called “Zion.”  What the prophets are teaching about these events will be happening in the lives of today’s students.

$40 per month


This class is designed to help students fulfill the admonitions given by religious leaders and experienced political leaders in how to look to the Heavens as the source of freedom and inalienable rights.  Students will receive in-depth and thorough training on the history of this nation and how the heavens were involved with those who came to America, settled America, and established the first free people in modern times through the inspired Constitution.

$40 per month


This class has been created to help students understand the 28 Biblical and spiritual principles that the Founding Fathers followed when they established the Constitution of the United States.  This information is vital for students who desire to help restore the Constitution and heal this land. The text is The 5,000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, which has been recreated into a student manual (with permission).

$40 per month


In this class, students will have a comprehensive training on the first five of ten hook dates of the Book of Mormon.  This study is designed to help the students prepare and apply the new “Come Follow Me” approach to the study of the Book of Mormon, which they will be participating in during 2020.  The last five hook dates will be studied thoroughly during the Second Semester.

$40 per month


Second Semester

Basic Core Classes

Note: Please submit an application so we can get to know your family & how to best help you with needed materials.

$40 per month

Thursdays 9am-11am

Students will have an opportunity to practice (or learn) cursive writing by copying significant statements or pre-chosen scripture verses.  Each week a Language Arts principle will then be taught, reviewed and discussed. Students will be given time to work on the principle of the week. 


$25 per month

Tuesdays 9am-11am

After a brief discussion of a math principle, including a weekly spelling list of math terms, students share story problems they have created for other students to solve and then work on their own math principles. 


$15 per month

Wednesdays 9am-11am

This year’s study is zoology.  There will be discussion and sharing during this session as the students learn of the animal kingdom. Vocabulary words will be used as part of the weekly spelling list, along with the math terms from the previous day.  Time will be given for the students to create their own science book and do the learning exercises.


Subject Training Classes

Taught once per month for four months, each on a different Friday of the month.

A Restored Constitution Can Heal America

$10 per month

First Friday

Using Math as a Tool for Ministering

$10 per month

Second Friday

$10 per month

Fourth Friday

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