Develop a love for learning

Students at Kimber Academy will come to love learning as they discover the importance of each subject both physically and spiritually. As students discover the spiritual importance of a subject it brings greater importance and meaning to their learning.

At Kimber Academy students take ownership of their education. They will love learning because they will understand it is instrumental to their individual missions on this earth. Kimber Academy students feel great purpose as an individual to develop themselves.

Create a strong relationship with God

Each day at Kimber Academy Students are encouraged to not only pray, but to listen to the promptings of the spirit of God and write those promptings down. As students follow this practice of speaking with their Father in Heaven and writing down the answers they receive, they will create a strong and lasting relationship with God that will carry into all aspects of their lives and create lasting fulfillment and success.

Have stronger family relationships

Kimber Academy is a parent led school. The parent council is actively involved in the day to day activities of the school and it’s students and all parents are actively involved in their student’s education through parent trainings, dean meetings, and daily follow up with their children. Parents are also encouraged to regularly attend class with their children as this builds the bonds between parent and child.

Hours spent in the core curriculum at Kimber Academy is limited to only 12 hours a week. Not only are students able to excel even with such limited hours, but they are given more time to spend with family. By spending the majority of their time with family rather than at school, students will build stronger family relationships. This is also one reason there is no assigned homework, so that when students leave school they can focus on their family.

Learn to defend their freedom and their country

We teach the principles and values which promote freedom and good government, and honor our Founding Fathers who taught us these principles. Students will be taught 28 Principles of freedom from the United States Founding Documents, by studying The 5,000 year Leap written by W. Cleon Skousen, and how to use those principles to solve any country’s problems.

Think creatively

By creating their own science textbooks, their own math problems, their own service projects, and more. Creative thinking is important for brain development and will set students up for success in the future. Most modern school stiffle creativity by simply giving students the answers without any training in how to discover the answers for themselves. In science Kimber students do their own research to create their own textbooks and use art to illustrate them. In math they learn how God used mathematics to create the entire universe. In Language Arts students will learn the “art of communication” through stories, poetry, thought, and service.

Become leaders in all they do

Student’s at Kimber Academy become leaders. The classroom experience lends itself to leadership as the older children are able to teach and mentor the younger children, thus giving them not only leadership experience but teaching experience as well. Rather than forming clicks they will learn to fellowship all their peers and make all kinds of friends. This skill will help them in social circumstances throughout their lives.

Student officers are selected and given special leadership training to help them be examples in the classroom and in the community. They are often given opportunities to lead class devotionals, conduct meetings, mentor classmates, participate in vital school decisions, and even travel with dignitaries.

Learn how to learn

The curriculum at Kimber Academy teaches children how to learn. Students must learn to research for themselves in order to complete the tasks assigned in the curriculum. Not only do they learn how to know the physical answer to their questions, but they also learn how to know the spiritual answer through scripture study and prayer. Students graduate from Kimber Academy with confidence that they can find the answer to any problem they encounter.

Serve their fellow men

Student service is at the core of what we do at Kimber Academy. Through their study of language arts they will have the opportunity to perform over 160 academic service projects over a four-year period. After completing these service projects, students will have developed the talent of “learning how to lose oneself in academic service.”

Govern their lives by true principles

Students will learn and memorize principles, examples of their use, and then how to apply them to their own lives. While at Kimber Academy they will study principles backed by scripture that they will know how to apply to their lives in order to govern their daily actions. This talent of “learning how to self-govern using correct principles” will be of invaluable worth all their lives.