Tiffany Langford

Tue, Wed, Thur | 8 am
Tue, Wed, Thur | 9 am

Tiffany was born in Mexico, raised in a family of 8 children, and was blessed to grow up immersed in two cultures; living there and in the United States throughout her life.

Being mostly homeschooled, it gave her the time and opportunity to direct her studies in the area of her own choosing, putting a greater focus on the arts and religious studies. She’s had a natural love for learning since she was a child and especially enjoys studying the Book of Isaiah, History, Science, and Astronomy. She plays sports, piano, guitar, and composes her own music.

She is passionate about Liberty and Truth and has been studying the Constitution and Principles of Freedom with Dr. Kimber for the last few years. She loves to travel and has been to 12 countries. Her trips to Israel with Dr. Kimber’s group have been her favorite, where she’s lived her dream of excavating an ancient city.

She loves working with youth and has organized and taught early morning seminary, weekly activities, choir, theater, and dance. She has also served in the LDS Church as a Choir Director, Relief Society and Gospel Doctrine teacher. She loves life, God, Family, and Country and hopes to be an influence for change in others by teaching and sharing her testimony.