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After serving eighteen months in southern France on a church mission, I moved to Logan, Utah and began a serious study in photographic art. I graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s in Fine Art/Photography and a minor in French. This is where I found a love of the wet darkroom process as well as many alternative, nineteenth century styles of printing and making art, namely; wintergreen oils, polaroid lifts, cyanotype and carbon printing. I enjoyed making art a refined and meticulous process, it was invigorating to me. It was within traveling abroad and studying art that I found a love of history and saw how people throughout time have evolved in their methods to communicate their understanding of the world and their purpose in it.

With a twenty-plus year work history in commercial and portrait photography, I enjoyed crafting my work to make images that are lasting, emotional and beautiful. I have traveled across the US to photograph on commission. I have taught photography for USU Extension, Ogden Blue art school, Logan City and Dixie College in St. George, Utah. I also worked in sales and marketing for five years and enjoyed communicating ideas and concepts in various forms of media. While my work and education provided me the ability to craft a fine image, my life experience gave me the ability to recognize an honest moment. At fourteen I was fostered and then adopted by my loving, second-cousin and her family, whom I did not know previously. My adoptive parents provided me a place to heal from a difficult childhood and learn to see and understand the world with a new healthy perspective. As a child I learned to watch people closely and their intentions. This perspective provided a unique way to view individuals and their families as I seek to bring out the good in each person. I feel a great deal of gratitude and debt to my parents and God above.

My greatest accomplishment and work is with my husband and five children. We currently live in central, rural Utah, where my husband works as a machinist, fabricating parts for a large gypsum plant. We worked very hard to move to an area where we love to raise chickens, pheasants, our sweet dog, tend to our fruit trees and large garden. We love to visit my husbands, families, dairy farm 15 minutes away, where we learn, play and help when and where we can.

My true education came in 2009, when I decided to leave the professional world full-time and become a stay at home mom. For the past eight years, I have taken on a more committed role of educating my children, which has led me to bring them home and search for a wholesome curriculum to train them up. At one point I was looking through a long list of supplemental history books on Greek mythology, when suddenly an inspired thought came to me, “Stop reading so much greek mythology and start teaching from the Bible.” That thought stopped me in my tracks, “Start to combine secular and the spiritual?” I had not conceived of the concept before. I immediately started focusing more on scripture with my children and started feeling the need to search for a God-centered curriculum. At the time, it felt like looking for a needle in the haystack. I had no idea where to start. I started where I could, at home, creating my own curriculum from scripture, which proved to be a difficult task as I worked to combine secular-archeological, history dates with biblical timelines. I had many gaps in my learning and this was going to take time. A few months later I discovered a God-centered, homeschool conference four hours north of my home. It was there that I met a myriad of people who were working very hard to put God and His principles back into all the branches of learning. This is where I first met Dr. Glenn Kimber and finally understood that as a private, home-educator I was also guiding my children to realize their very personal missions in life through service to God, family and country. Over time and with the help from the inspired Kimber Curriculum, I moved from a linear way of learning to a whole person developing body, mind, spirit and social skills through the Lord’s intrinsic values became a beautiful learning experience. My education deepened as I taught myself and my children God’s hand in the building of America, world history and how all events lead to all the history of Christ, His life, His world and people. We learned how to study science with the scriptures, how to self govern with math and to serve our fellow man with language arts.

In 2018 distant learning became available to us through Kimber Academy National. This new online community/family helped intensified our studies with like minded mentors and friends. Learning these principles on a deeper level helped us become more proactive within our own community. My oldest son is a student body officer for Kimber Academy, active within our church and community and preparing to graduate from Kimber Academy National and then to move forward in his service to God, family and country. He has gained a great deal of wisdom from the mentors through Kimber Academy as well as a deep and good friendship with the other distant learners. For the past year and a half, I have enjoyed mentoring and now teaching with Kimber Academy National as a substitute and now permanently for the past five months. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Glenn and Julianne Kimber, their sacrifice, wisdom and knowledge they have to share. Their life-work has helped our family become more unified, self governing and positive of our future. Godly principles always work and I am grateful to have found them here with Kimber Academy National.


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