Savannah Koyle

Tue, Wed, Thur | 8 am
Tue, Wed, Thur | 9 am

Savannah has been married to her husband Spencer since 2017. They have a two year old daughter named Emma. They live in Idaho where her husband is going to school.

Savannah is a stay at home Mom. She has taught Emma her colors, animals, letters, and songs all in ASL.

Savannah is the 5th grandchild of Julianne and Glenn Kimber.

Savannah has substituted for Sister Kimber many times and loves teaching the children. She makes teaching fun, exiting and connects with the students.

Some of Savannah’s hobbies are:

  • Baking
  • Art
  • Teaching and
  • Learning

Savannah Loves children and hopes to make an impact and be a great example to her students.