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Larry has been privileged to be associated with Glenn and Julianne Kimber for thirty years, and a teacher for them for approximately 25.  Larry was born in Payson, Utah and was raised in the Salt Lake Valley.  He graduated from West High school and attended BYU where he majored in English.  He latter changed his major to world history because of his insatiable interest in the world around him and its history.  Larry spent four years serving his country in the US marine corps, served and LDS mission to Uruguay, married, and with his wife, Mary Arnold, had nine children and raised seven to maturity.

Larry started studying the founding fathers early in life and has read more than a hundred different biographies about great men and women, not only in this country, but the world over.  From these biographies Larry has gleaned over 1,500 quotes which he recorded, memorized, and published in his own quote book.

Over the years Larry has taught the following classes for Kimber Academy: American civics, including the 5,000-year leap, American history, Religion in American History, Mid-Eastern History, and Old-World History.  He am looking forward to teaching at Kimber Academy once again.


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