Parents as Inspired Guides

At Kimber Academy, we believe that school should be an extension of the home—not the other way around.  Our philosophies, curriculum and schedule have been developed to support family learning and unity in every way possible.

Parents as Stewards

Family_kidsWe recognize that fathers and mothers have been given special stewardship over their children by God. Only with their specific permission, should another person be invited to participate in educating those children. At Kimber Academy, our teachers and staff are seen as “employees” of the parents—carrying out the desires and expectations of the parents with regards to their children’s educational foundation. Our Deans work closely with each family, meeting at least once a month to discuss the goals and progress of their children. The Parent Advisory Council works with the school to collaborate on electives offered to meet the needs of the student body, as well as to advise, recommend, and support the staff in accomplishing the goals and aims of the school.


At Kimber Academy, teachers do not assign homework.  If parents feel a need to have their child do academics at home, it is their choice, not the decision of an outside party. By eliminating the tedious worksheets and time-consuming assignments that take away from family time, Kimber Academy allows parents to create projects that bring their family together and can incorporate not just academics, but spiritual and service-oriented elements as well.

Family First

We believe that  the family unit should be strengthened, not pulled apart by too many outside influences.  When family love and unity is properly fostered under the divine guidance of the parents, the children can go out into the world fully armored against the confusion of society. They then emerge with influence and a power to act and not to be acted upon.

More Family Time

In our society it seems that a regular school schedule of 5 days a week, in combination with the various extracurricular activities children are involved in, allows little time for siblings and parents to be together to develop strong relationships. The Kimber Academy core schedule of 12 hours a week gives families more opportunities to create family activities and have meaningful learning time. The additional offering of electives during “regular school hours” truly frees families to have there evenings free to do things together.   This eliminates missed or rushed dinners just to split up to take children to a variety of activities.  One of our goals, by eliminating homework, is to restore the  the family dinner hour around the table, where communication and sharing is more open and effective.

Sibling Unity

Because students are not separated into grades, siblings are often in the same class. What they learn at school frequently becomes the subject of conversation at home.  If students have attended different schools, with completely different classes, there is no common ground to strengthen sibling bonds. Instructors at Kimber Academy, in consultation with the parents, are encouraged to arrange family members together in the classes to help foster the natural family bond.  Parents, in fact, are invited and encouraged to attend classes with their children. Learn more about our values and how Families can be closer:

Our Philosophy

Understanding our Curriculum

Our Success Formula


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