Electives & Activities

A common concern we hear from parents who are considering the Kimber Academy is, “Will my students be able to socialize? Will they still be able to have fun and learn a variety of talents?

In addition to the core classes the Kimber Academy has become known for, many local Kimber Academy schools offer a variety of electives and extracurricular activities.

The purpose of elective classes is to practice the intrinsic values our students learn in class. While these classes are generally open to public enrollment, Kimber Academy students are able to take these classes at a discount!

Online Electives

Elective classes are available to distance learners and local students. Each subject is $10 per family per month.

The following subjects are taught at 10 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. each Friday of the month (MT).

Day of the Month


First Friday
A Restored Constitution Can Heal America
Second Friday
Using Math as a Tool for Ministering
Third Friday
Using Language Arts as a Tool for Ministering
Fourth Friday
Using Science as a Tool for Ministering

Local Academy Electives

Note: Not all classes are taught at all schools, please contact your local academy for more information. Contact your local school for pricing and availability.

This class is a favorite of many of our students, here they learn stories and lessons from history and then act these stories out.

We find many of the best plays our schools perform for the communities are written by the students. Some are historical, others scriptural, and some of the most fascinating plays are from the family history records of our students.

Young men and young women learn ballroom style dances, but also how to act around each other! 

Dance classes typically go for an hour, and students will have plenty of practice before our regular formal school dances.

Students learn to develop artistic skills, and how they can use these to serve others.

Students have the opportunity to learn to sing songs that uplift the heart and enlighten the mind.

What better way to prepare for the world than to learn a foreign language? 

Foreign language classes give students opportunities to prepare for religious service missions, careers, and to see into the culture of our brothers and sisters around the world!

Some studies show many people fear speaking more than death.

In response, we teach a class on it!

This is a broad class where students can practice a variety of presentations, such as preparing and presenting persuasive speeches, sharing reports, and quoting other famous speeches.

Can’t get enough of the scriptures? We understand!

Kimber Academy seminary students will dive deeply into the scriptures, learning and applying the word of God on a more fundamental level than can be achieved during regular school hours.