Does your Child Need to Detox?

New  Kimber Academy students, coming from public school, may need to detoxify from:

  • Poor behavior, often undisciplined
  • Sloppy work, poor handwriting, poor spelling and grammar
  • Tendency to do their work too fast without regard to neatness
  • Inability to think (followers, not doers)
  • Teasing other students, putting them down, bullying
  • Talking during lecture time
  • Disrespect for adults/teachers/other students
  • Lying, cheating, stealing
  • Don’t understand what it means to “learn by the Spirit”
  • Regimented time schedule
  • Bells
  • Grades on work (A, B, C, D, Failing)
  • School grade levels (first grade, second grade…ninth grade, tenth grade, etc.)
  • Homework
  • Recess
  • Long days at school
  • Little or no parent involvement at school
  • Fear at school
  • Intimidation at school
  • Feeling unimportant
  • Bad language
  • Math and science being more important than language arts and history
  • No religious teachings at school
  • An I-don’t-care attitude
  • In other words:  Babylon

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