Distance Learning Corner

Distance Learning Corner

Welcome to Kimber Academy Distance Learning!

Here you can view courses and announcements relevant to distance learning.

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Sorry, this content is only available to registered distance learners and their parents. 

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This year we are doing an open schedule to help teach students from across the nation, in any time zone! You are not expected to attend every class, as there are duplicates. Earlier classes will work better for those on the East Coast, while later classes will work better for those on the West Coast. 

Pick times that work best for you, just make sure you make time for Math, Science, History, Language Arts, and Religion! 

The following schedule is according to Mountain Time, so plan accordingly.

Classes Taught By Dr. Kimber

First Semester / Sept 3 - Jan 16

  • 7-8am - Old Testament & World History
  • 8-9am - America in History & Prophecy
  • 9-10am - God's Hand in the Building of America - Vol 1
  • 10-11am - 28 Principles that Changed the World
  • 11am-12pm - Hook Dates of the Book of Mormon

Second Semester / Jan 21 - May 21

  • 7-8am - Days of the Living Christ
  • 8-9am - Middle East in History and Prophecy
  • 9-10am - God's Hand in the Building of America - Vol 2
  • 10-11am - God's Charter of Freedom
  • 11am-12pm - Hook Dates of the Book of Mormon - Vol 2

Classes Taught By Sister Kimber

  • Tuesday 9am-11am - Language Arts and Math
  • Wednesday 9am-11am - Language Arts and science
  • Thursday 9am-11am - Language Arts and American History


July 2019

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  1. Please use a name on Zoom that we can identify you with, specifically the students’ names.
    1. An appropriate name would be  “Nathan Smith” or “Nathan & Lisa”
    2. “SpiderMonkey88” does not let us and the other students know who you are
  2. Because your camera will be on for most of the meeting,
    1. Please wear Kimber Academy appropriate attire.
    2. Please stay in classroom appropriate locations in your home.
    3. Please refrain from distracting activities, such as eating or moving around during class.
  3. We will give you time to socialize and make friends, that is a very important part of education and growth! But during class time, please keep discussion (including chats) with other students relevant to the class subject.
  4. Similarly, please keep comments relevant to the class subject.
In short, imagine this is classroom. Things that can distract others in the classroom can be equally distracting online.

First Time Connection

You will need to create a free account at Zoom.us before you can join the class. If you are logging into the Junior and Senior classes at the same time, you will need to create a second account, as Zoom will not allow you to be on multiple meetings with one account.


A common issue for new Zoom users is audio problems. If everyone else can hear each other, then we know there is a mic or speaker problem you are having. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting your camera can fix this issue, other times you may need to leave and rejoin the Zoom program, or even restart your computer. 
Generally, though, you just need to Connect Audio Device, using the little icon in the bottom left corner of your Zoom window. If you cannot hear us, it probably looks like headphones, or a microphone. You can do this by clicking the ^ arrow to the right of your microphone, as shown below, then clicking a speaker and microphone option.
If you see the headphones instead, try clicking the headphones to connect your audio to the conference. If that is not available, then leave the meeting, and then join again.


If you cannot see us, you may have slow internet. You can do a speed test to see if you have enough speed. Typically you want to have at least 2-3 mbs upload and download speeds for a clear and steady picture, though more is always better.

If we cannot see you, you may need to plug in your webcam. If it is already plugged in, turn it on with the camera button in the bottom left of your screen. Move your mouse (desktop) or tap the screen (mobile) to view your Zoom meeting controls.

Additional Help

If you are still having problems, please contact us.