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Here you can view courses and announcements relevant to distance learning. 

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Senior Core

Recommended Ages 12+ (returning students only)

Junior B

Recommended Ages 11-12

Junior A

Recommended Ages 7-10


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Advanced Core

Recommended Ages 12+ (returning students only)

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Senior Core

Recommended Ages 12+

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Junior Core

Recommended Ages 7-12

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Student Blog

Welcome to our student contribution section!

Two integral parts of the Kimber Curriculum is practicing what we learn, and that we learn best when we share. Below you will find articles, research papers, photography projects, video projects, and music compositions that our students have contributed. Thank you for letting us share our talents with you!

Students, please remember not to share private information online. Thank you.

How many army men/MATH STORY PROBLEM

I collect army men toys I have 880 army men and  22 tanks. I am buying a bin of army men from a friend. the bin I am buying has the capacity for 900 but the problem is that there are tanks and cowboys&Indians but I don’t want the cowboys&Indians

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Peeping Through The Snow

Peeping Through The Snow Near the end of March, I anxiously wait For little sprouts of green To pop up through the snow. Waiting under the window arch, Hoping they won’t be late. Oh what joy when I can see A petal peeping out below! -Aubbri Wagner, age 14

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in the spring

In the Spring We see the sun in the spring; We’ll have some fun! During spring there is lots of rain; During  spring there is no pain. Spring just comes and walks about; Because it’s spring, there shouldn’t be a drought. By Aaron, age 11

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Susan’s Story

Susan grinned as she walked home from school. She had gotten 100% on her test and she was proud. She said a silent thank you to God as she continued on her way. Susan pounded happily up the porch steps, and opened the door. “Mom,” she called as she walked

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The Black Mamba (Finishing a story)

The old man’s nerves were ready to crack. Someone was on the other side of that door! He knew it! The wound in his leg pulsed painfully. He tightened the handkerchief around it, suffocating a groan as he crouched down behind the sofa. Slowly, he reached for the Iron poker

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Happy Birthday

Hey its your birthday I don’t know you Your great most say I like your work this school ,its true now iv seen you once or twice in creative writing class I hope your birthday’s nice now I hope Your birthday’s fun will reach great mass     by Daxson

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Parent Training

Sorry, this content is only available to Distance Learners.

If you already have an account, and can’t see your classes, be sure you are logged in with the correct email.

Otherwise, you can sign up for classes here.

Tests for Students Under Age 12

Four separate levels of testing have been developed for the Junior Class students.

(Note: Since students are on different levels of learning, some age groups will obviously overlap.)

  1. Beginner test (approximate student ages: 5-6)
  2. Intermediate test (approximate student ages: 6-8)
  3. Junior Elementary test (approximate student ages: 8-10)
  4. Advanced Elementary test (approximate student ages: 10-12)

Tests for Students Age 12 & Older

The Senior Class Students (over age 12) take high school diagnostic exams from the Academic Evaluation Center ™ (AEC). This diagnostic testing is based on levels consistent with the national GED and ACT.

The diagnostic tests cover 22 subjects, and because they are administered every 3 months, student progress can be monitored and adjusted accordingly throughout the school year.

After the tests have been corrected, parents keep the score sheets so they can compare and monitor their student’s progress.

Anyone may use the Kimber Academy testing. It is not limited to the Academies alone.

To order tests for your students, contact the AEC by clicking here.

The tests will be evaluated and analyzed at the AEC and sent back within a week.

Class Rules

  1. Please use a name on Zoom that we can identify you with, specifically the students’ names.
    1. An appropriate name would be  “Nathan Smith” or “Nathan & Lisa”
    2. “SpiderMonkey88” does not let us and the other students know who you are
  2. Because your camera will be on for most of the meeting,
    1. Please wear Kimber Academy appropriate attire.
    2. Please stay in classroom appropriate locations in your home.
    3. Please refrain from distracting activities, such as eating or moving around during class.
  3. We will give you time to socialize and make friends, that is a very important part of education and growth! But during class time, please keep discussion (including chats) with other students relevant to the class subject.
  4. Similarly, please keep comments relevant to the class subject.
In short, imagine this is classroom. Things that can distract others in the classroom can be equally distracting online.

Tech Support

First Time Connection

You will need to create a free account at Zoom.us before you can join the class.

Connecting to Class

If you click on a class and Zoom says “The host has another meeting in progress.” you can either wait for the previous class to end, or join the previous class if it is available to you.

If no one connects to your class within 5 minutes, please first try to do a “hard refresh” on your browser. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

If that doesn’t work, reach out to the class instructor on the Instructors page. Texting will be easier for them to respond to than calls, in case they are working on a problem.


A common issue for new Zoom users is audio problems. If everyone else can hear each other, then we know there is a mic or speaker problem you are having. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting your camera can fix this issue, other times you may need to leave and rejoin the Zoom program, or even restart your computer.
Generally, though, you just need to Connect Audio Device, using the little icon in the bottom left corner of your Zoom window. If you cannot hear us, it probably looks like headphones, or a microphone. You can do this by clicking the ^ arrow to the right of your microphone, as shown below, then clicking a speaker and microphone option.
If you see the headphones instead, try clicking the headphones to connect your audio to the conference. If that is not available, then leave the meeting, and then join again.


If you cannot see us, you may have slow internet. You can do a speed test to see if you have enough speed. Typically you want to have at least 2-3 mbs upload and download speeds for a clear and steady picture, though more is always better.

If we cannot see you, you may need to plug in your webcam. If it is already plugged in, turn it on with the camera button in the bottom left of your screen. Move your mouse (desktop) or tap the screen (mobile) to view your Zoom meeting controls.

Additional Help

If you are still having problems, please contact us.


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