The Creator’s Art

This manual contains ten units.  You will learn from the Bible how God began to create the world, first dividing light and dark, where you’ll learn how to shade and show contrast, first in two dimension, then three-dimension.

When God divided the “waters from the waters” you’ll study sky colors, clouds, then mountains and oceans (dry land and seas).

After that you’ll learn how to draw and paint all kinds of plants and animals.

The “last” day of creation of course is mankind, where you’ll learn how to draw people — faces, hands, cloth and clothing.

Then while God “rests,” you’ll learn the principles of drawing with a ruler to create buildings in perspective, as mankind began to build and “replenish the earth.”

After this, just for fun you’ll get to do some cartooning and create your own personal “mascot.”

You can use this manual for years as you develop your talent in every area of creativity using “The Creator’s Art.”


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