Junior Science 1: My Body is a Temple – Student Workbook

Students create their own physiology scrap book, with pictures and original drawings of the eight systems (kingdoms) of the body. Sex-education is NOT included.   Approx.  100 pages.

Students have the opportunity to draw, color, cut out and paste pictures of seven systems (kingdoms) of the body:

  1. Circulatory
  2. Skeletal
  3. Digestive
  4. Nervous
  5. Muscular
  6. Cleansing
  7. Respiratory

Discussion of the reproductive system is not included, as the authors feel this tender subject should be left for the parents to discuss at the right time.

However, a section on family life and parenthood is presented, always shown in a positive light.

Scriptural insights, projects, and ideas for hands-on learning are included.

Permission is given to copy the scrapbook pages for immediate family use.


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