I Love History – 1700’s – “Let Freedom Ring” – Student Workbooks (Vol 1 & 2)

There are two volumes of activities, correlating with the nine I Love America 1700's Teacher Manuals.  Monthly work pages enhance the themes of patriotic, God-centered, free-enterprise lessons.

By month, the activities cover the following subjects:

September — The Flag, National Anthem, The Pledge, Flag Rules
October      — The Statue of Liberty, Christopher Columbus
November  — Pilgrims, Native Americans, Mayflower Compact, Thanksgiving
December  — Freedom of Religion, the First Amendment
January      — The Revolutionary War (Daniel Dawson Story)
February    — Presidents Day, The Revolutionary War Story Continued
March         — Declaration of Independence, The Revolutionary War Story
April           — The Revolutionary War Story Continued, Constitutional Studies
May            — Setting up a Class Town (or Family Village) Practicing America’s new Free Enterprise System in America


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