I Love America, Vol 1 – Teacher Manual

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This book discusses nine major American holidays and incorporates games, songs, plays, coloring and poems for the younger ages.  NEW!  Digital download of songs and activity pages available!

Subjects covered in Volume 1 are:

The Flag
The Pilgrims
Freedom of Religion
George Washington
The Preamble to the Constitution
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson

Memorable songs your children will love are included with this volume as a digital download for your phone, computer or tablet.

  • I Pledge Allegiance
  • The Nina the Pinta the Santa Maria
  • Working Together
  • We can Believe
  • It Happened Back in ’76
  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
  • Princess Pocahontas
  • and many more

Also included is a digital download with the activities found in the I Love America manual, so you can make additional copies for all your family members.


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