How and Why God Created the Earth – Geology

This guidebook is not only a study of the physical make-up of the earth, but guides the student to discover the purposes for its creation and how God's hand was in it "before the foundation of the world." An introductory section discusses the basic element of the earth's creation: Dust. The book is divided into only four sections of study, and within those four sections all the basic research on the Earth will become a part of the student's original textbook. At the conclusion of their study of the four main divisions of Geology, students are asked to answer the question: WHY did God create the earth? Students DEFINE, EXPLAIN, and ILLUSTRATE the major vocabulary words in each of the four divisions of Geology. They then use religious writings or their scriptures of choice to study the spiritual existence of the earth.

(Ages 12 and up; 60 pages)

The four divisions and the major vocabulary words in this guidebook are:

  1. Earth’s Creation
  2. The Sea
  3. The Land
  4. Earth’s Destiny


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