Hook Dates of the Old Testament and World History, Volume 2

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These new stories cover the same ten hook dates as outlined in Volume 1, and begin with the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.  (approx. 250 pages)

This manual is designed to be used during the second year of history study, and should follow the same pattern as Volume 1, with one week memorizing the hook dates, personalities, and events, and ten weeks of study (one week per hook date).

The same hook-dates listed in Volume 1 are also used in Volume 2, but the personalities and events are changed.  In-depth information from many sources verify and present Old Testament and World History.

  • 4000 B.C.  —  Cain and Able — Families of the earth
  • 2344 B.C. —  Sons of Noah — Preserving the Race
  • 2000 B.C. — Isaac and Jacob — Preserving the Birthright
  • 1500 B.C. — Moses — The Exodus
  • 1000 B.C. — Elijah and Elisha — Israel Shuns the Prophets
  • 721 B.C. — Isaiah — The Redemption of Israel
  • 600 B.C. — Ezekiel — the Fall of Babylon
  • 450 B.C. — Esther and Nehemiah — The Jews are Saved
  • 165 B.C. — Cicero — The Fall of Greece
  • 63 B.C. — Julius Caesar — the Rise of Rome


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