Hook Dates of the Old Testament and World History, Volume 1

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Ten major hook dates, personalities and events are combined to cover Old Testament History, from Adam and Eve at 4,000 BC to Roman Rule in 163 BC.  (Approximately 250 pages)

Hook dates are set up like a time-line, with only ten major dates covering the basic history of the Bible and World History.  A personality and an event are attached to the dates to give them meaning and understanding, as shown below.

At least three stories for each hook date are included in each volume of the history series, along with additional activities and projects to explore. This volume is designed to be studied for eleven weeks, with one week spent memorizing the hook dates, personalities, and events.

4000 B.C. — Adam and Eve — The Creation & The Fall

2344 B.C. — Noah — The Flood

2000 B.C. — Abraham — Offering of Isaac

1500 B.C. — Moses — A Deliverer is Born

1000 B.C. — David — Building a Temple

721 B.C. — Hezekiah/Hosea — Ten Tribes Captured

600 B.C. — Daniel — Babylonian Empire

450 B.C. — Ezra — Jerusalem Rebuilt

165 B.C. — Judas Maccabaeus — Jews Win Freedom


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