Cursive Writing — Student Workbook

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Because students do so much texting and computer work (and games), many think that cursive writing is not important anymore. This is why most public schools are no longer teaching this skill, and replacing it with keyboarding.

Research is now finding that writing–especially cursive writing–is the key to proper brain function. Learning cursive writing skills will improve ALL learning!  Cursive writing enhances both sides of the brain — communication plus facts — thus creating a whole-brained learning experience.  Printing (manuscript writing) does not do this either.  The flow of the pen is the learning principle.

Some may recall the teaching methods of McGuffey Readers.  Cursive writing was taught along with reading.  Children never did learn how to print in writing. There was no need.  They were taught to READ print and WRITE cursive.  Those of the older generation typically have beautiful penmanship.  It’s the result of a more complete education.  It’s time to restore this mind-enhancing writing knowledge and skill in this generation.


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