Business Math

The intrinsic value for math is “learning to think and self-govern using correct principles.”  This student workbook contains 37 principles of business math, and an introduction gives an explanation of how “business” works in different scenarios. (53 pages)

Dealing with money is the most common exposure young people will have to business math, and so this is the emphasis in this booklet.

Students learn the basics of costs, comparing prices, percentages of increase, wholesale prices, retail prices, mark-up rates, sales prices, discount rates, borrowing and saving. Principles of bank interest and compound interest and how to understand checking accounts and principles of work and hourly wages are also included. Several reviews and answer keys check the student’s knowledge throughout the book.

This method is different from other math books because students are expected to create and solve their own math problems. They can go as deep and difficult as they wish in order to challenge their understanding and knowledge of the use of business math.


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