Our Curriculum

The curriculum used at the GJK Academy is written and designed to best achieve the spiritual as well as the academic goals outlined in the the GJK Academy Mission Statement. It is very important that all those associated with the GJK Academy understand the curriculum, and how it is taught, and the reasons behind its methodology and philosophy.  At the academies, part of each monthly Parent Meeting is devoted to helping parents understand the various aspects of the curriculum.

In order to understand the curriculum used at the GJK Academy, it is important to understand the reasons for which it was written. These reasons are explained as part of the Intrinsic Values for each subject.  Each subject is designed to motivate and train students to become the best servants of God that they can be. To accomplish this, every textbook and study guide is designed with three main goals which should be accomplished in the lives of students:

  1. To increase the student’s testimony of God and develop a closer relationship with Him.
  2. To help each student gain knowledge by developing a mastery of the subject itself.
  3. To ingrain within each student the Intrinsic Values of each subject, which will help develop life-enhancing talents.

Intrinsic Values are the internal qualities within the method of study that will assist the student to develop talents. Since each subject enhances a different Intrinsic Value, the students will learn and develop a different talent with each subject studied.

Talents are developed and strengthened by frequent practice. For example, the intrinsic value for Language Arts is practicing “academic service.”   If a student performs one academic service project during a year’s time, a talent for service is really not firmly established. However, doing 40 academic service projects every year (nearly one per week with the language arts principles), a talent and a love for service cannot fail to be developed.

  1. Learning to apply the scriptures to Everyday Life
  2. Learning to Think and Self-Govern Using Correct Principles
  3. Learning to Lose Oneself in Academic Service
  4. Learning How to Search the Scriptures
  5. Learning to Ponder in One’s Heart


Intrinsic Value: Learning how to apply scriptures to everyday life.  
    “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22)

At the GJK Academy, students of various religious beliefs will have an opportunity to study the scriptures of their choice, to learn how to know scripture and how to apply it throughout their lives. Students will learn how to use the hook-date method of retention, so that the information that they learn may be remembered with greater quantity of information and quality of content. Students are taught specifics on how to apply their knowledge of the scriptural messages, rather than merely learning about them. The 5 Intrinsic Values

Intrinsic Value: Learning to think and self-govern, using correct principles.
    “For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.” (Prov.2:6)

The Glenn J. Kimber Academy Math curriculum is principle-based. The students first read and memorize a principle, are shown examples of its use, and then they create and solve their own math problems. This allows students to progress at their own depth. Since our Math curriculum covers over 300 specific principles, students will soon learn how to use correct principles and govern themselves. This talent of “learning how to self-govern using correct principles” will be of invaluable worth all their lives. The 5 Intrinsic Values

Intrinsic Value: Learning how to lose oneself in academic service.  
    “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it:and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matthew 16:25)

Language Arts is the art of communication. After students learn a Language Arts principle, they refer to the scriptures to see how the Lord used it. Then the students practice the principle by using it in an academic service project. Reading and writing skills are developed as students discover ways to share with others and perfect what they have learned. Students are taught that knowledge is only theirs if they learn to give it away. The more they share their knowledge, the more it is theirs. As students progress through their Language Arts studies, they will have the opportunity to perform over 160 academic service projects over a four-year period. After completing these service projects, students will have developed the talent of “learning how to lose oneself in academic service.” The 5 Intrinsic Values

Intrinsic Value: Learning how to search the scriptures.  
    “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” (John 5:39)

Each of the Science books directs the student to answer two questions— “How God Created” a particular facet of the creation, and “Why God Created” everything. The HOW question is answered as students research, illustrate, define, and label major vocabulary words from academic reference books from the library, encyclopedias, or internet resources, etc., related to that subject. The WHY question leads the students to study the scriptures of their choice to discover testimony-building answers from God’s revealed word. In this way students develop the talent of “learning how to search the scriptures,” and other reference books to find their answers. The 5 Intrinsic Values.

Intrinsic Value: Learning how to ponder in one’s heart.  
    “Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:…For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” (Isaiah 6, 8)

History is more than facts. History can be defined as a study of “God’s dealings with mankind, and mankind’s dealings with each other.” It is this concept that makes history important and sacred. In the Glenn J. Kimber Academy History program students learn “Hook Dates.” These are significant dates to which are attached specific people and events. Each school day, students have the opportunity to recall the information they previously learned and then they are taught additional material. This develops within the student the ability to mentally assemble vast quantities of information at a given time, thus allowing students to ponder over the subject. As students do this day after day, they develop the talent of “learning how to ponder.”


The Kimber Academy does education different. Our philosophy follows a quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Learning to Serve God, family and community should be the aim and end of all true learning.”

Serving God and learning to keep His commandments should be foremost in a student’s learning as he or she goes through life. At Kimber Academy, the curriculum uses academics as a tool to point students towards faith and morality, encouraging service to God and to fellow man. Learn more about our values and how God and true principles are woven into every subject. 


At Kimber Academy, we believe that school should be an extension of the home—not the other way around.

We recognize that fathers and mothers have been given special stewardship over their children by God. Only with their specific permission should another person be invited to participate in educating those children. At Kimber Academy, our teachers and staff are seen as “employees” of the parents—carrying out the desires and expectations of the parents with regards to their children’s educational foundation. Our Deans work closely with each family, meeting at least once a month to discuss the goals and progress of their children. The Parent Advisory Council works with the school to collaborate on electives offered to meet the needs of the student body, as well as to advise, recommend, and support the staff in accomplishing the goals and aims of the school.

Because family is so important, we have a special page set up to discuss the role of education and the family, which you can find here.


At Kimber Academy, several hours of study are spent on American history. We believe that today’s youth have a special role in fulfilling America’s destiny. Through these studies, students will develop an appreciation and love for America’s heritage and its Constitutional foundation. As a result, they will be better equipped to lead our country, helping to promote and restore God’s principles of freedom.

In all of our classes at Kimber Academy, students are exposed to the greatness of America and the divine events that created this country.

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A major concern for many parents is the how to measure progress. Parents who formerly used public school often worry about Common Core, and the anti-God curriculum and testing it contains. Those who have been involved in homeschooling are often concerned about how to measure their childrens’ progress, and how they are doing as homeschool parents..

We address both of these concerns with the National Testing Center, which is a morally-based and God-centered testing system.  The National Testing Center programs is specifically designed to measure student progress in 22 different subjects. Unlike other testing programs, parents can see the test so they can better evaluate the information their students are being tested.

This time proven method will provide you with the insight into your children’s learning, and prepare your children to excel in top colleges.

These exams have been developed for ages 5 – adult.  For more information go to nationaltesting.center.

Extensive studies of various educational systems have proven that students are frequently over-curriculumized and over-directed. Many textbooks, teachers, and even parents try to do too much for the student.  As a result, in so many cases students have forgotten how to do their own thinking and learning.

At Kimber Academy, students have the freedom to learn at their own pace, and to go as deep as they wish into a subject.  When a student first enrolls into the Academy, he or she often feels lost because of this freedom of thought.  Many are so used to being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why, they don’t know where to start.  However, once they grasp the freedom that comes from excelling on their own, their knowledge and self-confidence soars!

Classrooms are not divided by age, but levels of learning.  In this positive learning environment, student creativity, excitement and desire to learn sky-rocket.

The curriculum is principle-based and God-centered, with an emphasis on Constitutional principles of government in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.

Because we are a private educational center (not public, charter, or other government hybrid) there are no strings, controls or mandates from a government entity which would require separation of God from education.  

Each of the 5 intrinsic values in the Kimber Curricula are designed to reinforce a good, strong relationship between the student and his/her Creator.

In addition to the 5 intrinsic values that Kimber Academy students practice daily, there are several other principles that are applied and emphasized in and outside the classroom:

  • Inviting, maintaining and using the influence of God’s spirit.
  • Building a foundation of learning on correct principles.
  • Fostering an environment for developing a love of learning.
  • Enhancing a relationship with God and family first.
  • Focusing primarily on intrinsic values, and using academics as the tools to achieve those life-long talents.
  • Recognizing various programs which are opposed to family values (such as separating siblings, homework overload, substituting parents with state demands, irreligious teachings, etc.), and countering their effects by strengthening the family.

The faculty at Kimber Academy does not assign homework.  If parents or students desire to do more school work at home, that is up to them.  The goal is to help students develop such a love of learning that they will WANT to do homework.  When education  is fun and exciting, it can be expanded in the home, and learning will become a joy.

Develop of Love of Learning

Students at Kimber Academy will come to love learning as they discover the importance of each subject both physically and spiritually. As students discover the spiritual importance of a subject it brings greater importance and meaning to their learning.

At Kimber Academy students take ownership of their education. They will love learning because they will understand it is instrumental to their individual missions on this earth. Kimber Academy students feel great purpose as an individual to develop themselves.

Create a strong relationship with God

Each day at Kimber Academy Students are encouraged to not only pray, but to listen to the promptings of the spirit of God and write those promptings down. As students follow this practice of speaking with their Father in Heaven and writing down the answers they receive, they will create a strong and lasting relationship with God that will carry into all aspects of their lives and create lasting fulfillment and success.

Have stronger family relationships

Kimber Academy is a parent led school. The parent council is actively involved in the day to day activities of the school and it’s students and all parents are actively involved in their student’s education through parent trainings, dean meetings, and daily follow up with their children. Parents are also encouraged to regularly attend class with their children as this builds the bonds between parent and child.

Hours spent in the core curriculum at Kimber Academy is limited to only 12 hours a week. Not only are students able to excel even with such limited hours, but they are given more time to spend with family. By spending the majority of their time with family rather than at school, students will build stronger family relationships. This is also one reason there is no assigned homework, so that when students leave school they can focus on their family.

Learn to defend their freedom and their country

We teach the principles and values which promote freedom and good government, and honor our Founding Fathers who taught us these principles. Students will be taught 28 Principles of freedom from the United States Founding Documents, by studying The 5,000 year Leap written by W. Cleon Skousen, and how to use those principles to solve any country’s problems.

Think creatively

By creating their own science textbooks, their own math problems, their own service projects, and more. Creative thinking is important for brain development and will set students up for success in the future. Most modern school stiffle creativity by simply giving students the answers without any training in how to discover the answers for themselves. In science Kimber students do their own research to create their own textbooks and use art to illustrate them. In math they learn how God used mathematics to create the entire universe. In Language Arts students will learn the “art of communication” through stories, poetry, thought, and service.

Become leaders in all they do

Student’s at Kimber Academy become leaders. The classroom experience lends itself to leadership as the older children are able to teach and mentor the younger children, thus giving them not only leadership experience but teaching experience as well. Rather than forming clicks they will learn to fellowship all their peers and make all kinds of friends. This skill will help them in social circumstances throughout their lives.

Student officers are selected and given special leadership training to help them be examples in the classroom and in the community. They are often given opportunities to lead class devotionals, conduct meetings, mentor classmates, participate in vital school decisions, and even travel with dignitaries.

Learn how to learn

The curriculum at Kimber Academy teaches children how to learn. Students must learn to research for themselves in order to complete the tasks assigned in the curriculum. Not only do they learn how to know the physical answer to their questions, but they also learn how to know the spiritual answer through scripture study and prayer. Students graduate from Kimber Academy with confidence that they can find the answer to any problem they encounter.

Serve their fellow men

Student service is at the core of what we do at Kimber Academy. Through their study of language arts they will have the opportunity to perform over 160 academic service projects over a four-year period. After completing these service projects, students will have developed the talent of “learning how to lose oneself in academic service.”

Govern their lives by true principles

Students will learn and memorize principles, examples of their use, and then how to apply them to their own lives. While at Kimber Academy they will study principles backed by scripture that they will know how to apply to their lives in order to govern their daily actions. This talent of “learning how to self-govern using correct principles” will be of invaluable worth all their lives.