Language Arts

Language Arts is the “Art of Communication.”  Principles of Language Arts are taught in this class, and while students will be working on various levels or on different principles, the instructor will review each week a principle from the manuals.  Students will be free to ask questions and get individual help where needed.

  • Tuesdays — Students learn the actual principle, memorize it, do Learning Exercise 1, writing it in their own personal Language Arts notebook.
  • Wednesdays — Students do Learning Exercise 2 by studying how this principle is used in scripture.
  • Thursdays — Students use the principle in some kind of service, with writing, speaking, acting, or some other creative way of communication.  A service project is suggested, but students are encouraged to think of their own way of expression.


9 am | Tue, Wed, Thur


Losing Oneself in Academic Service, Volume 1 or Volume 2