God’s Hand in the Building of America

This class is designed to help students fulfill the admonitions given by religious leaders and experienced political leaders in how to look to the Heavens as the source of freedom and inalienable rights.  Students will receive in-depth and thorough training on the history of this nation and how the heavens were involved with those who came to America, settled America, and established the first free people in modern times through the inspired Constitution.

First Semester:  Learn the background of the beliefs of the Founding Fathers, expressing their religious philosophy that rights and freedoms are gifts from God, not government.  This is one of the most important classes for understanding the entire meaning and motivation behind the forming of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.

Manual:  Healing of America Seminar #1  “God’s Hand in the Building of America” — $15.95

Second Semester, class will covers the Constitution itself and its basic principles.

Manual:  Healing of America Seminar #2, “God’s Charter of Freedom,” — $15.95


8 am | Tue, Wed, Thur