Core Principles

Core Principles


The Kimber Academy does education different. Our philosophy follows a quote from Benjamin Franklin: 

“Learning to Serve God, family and community should be the aim and end of all true learning.”

Serving God and learning to keep His commandments should be foremost in a student’s learning as he or she goes through life. At Kimber Academy, the curriculum uses academics as a tool to point students towards faith and morality, encouraging service to God and to fellow man. Learn more about our values and how God and true principles are woven into every subject. 


At Kimber Academy, we believe that school should be an extension of the home—not the other way around. 

We recognize that fathers and mothers have been given special stewardship over their children by God. Only with their specific permission should another person be invited to participate in educating those children. At Kimber Academy, our teachers and staff are seen as “employees” of the parents—carrying out the desires and expectations of the parents with regards to their children’s educational foundation. Our Deans work closely with each family, meeting at least once a month to discuss the goals and progress of their children. The Parent Advisory Council works with the school to collaborate on electives offered to meet the needs of the student body, as well as to advise, recommend, and support the staff in accomplishing the goals and aims of the school.

Because family is so important, we have a special page set up to discuss the role of education and the family, which you can find here.


At Kimber Academy, several hours of study are spent on American history. We believe that today’s youth have a special role in fulfilling America’s destiny. Through these studies, students will develop an appreciation and love for America’s heritage and its Constitutional foundation. As a result, they will be better equipped to lead our country, helping to promote and restore God’s principles of freedom. 

In all of our classes at Kimber Academy, students are exposed to the greatness of America and the divine events that created this country.

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A major concern for many parents is the how to measure progress. Parents who formerly used public school often worry about Common Core, and the anti-God curriculum and testing it contains. Those who have been involved in homeschooling are often concerned about how to measure their childrens’ progress, and how they are doing as homeschool parents.. 

We address both of these concerns with the National Testing Center, which is a morally-based and God-centered testing system.  The National Testing Center programs is specifically designed to measure student progress in 22 different subjects. Unlike other testing programs, parents can see the test so they can better evaluate the information their students are being tested.

This time proven method will provide you with the insight into your children’s learning, and prepare your children to excel in top colleges. 

These exams have been developed for ages 5 – adult.  For more information go to

Click the link below for more information