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Hello, dear distance learning families.  In your email you will find attached two “harvest” games we will be doing tomorrow in the junior class.  You can download and print them out for some fun during our Language Arts time.  I am trying to emphasize tomorrow as a “harvest” day rather than  Halloween, though we might talk about Halloween a bit, because it will be on the students’ minds.

Wednesday’s Language Arts will be working on Principle 5 (Capitalization) in Volume 1.
In the “Called to Serve” book, we will be creating a short paragraph using only words with 1, 2, 3, or 4 letters.  Maybe on a harvest theme.
Then we’ll play the attached harvest games.
Wednesday’s Math will be a follow up on the family flags with symbols, and let the children share for a few minutes.  Then we will be discussing the “Plus” symbol for a short time before they do their individual work with you.
Come back online at 10:50 for final questions and discussion before going to history.

NOVEMBER CLASSES:  As you know we will be gone for two weeks in November — from the 6th to the 19th.  The week of the 19th, Thanksgiving week, there will be no online classes held.
During those two weeks, the junior students can join with the senior students to do their language arts and math individually.  On the two Thursdays, Sharee Jones has kindly offered to give a little lesson of ideas and information about the respiratory system (lungs), during the first half hour.  I will also be emailing some ideas as well as the principles that you might want to teach for Language Arts and Math to your students.
IN ADDITION — Dr. Kimber came up with a fun idea if we can make it work.  We are going to see if we can record his stories and lectures on our iphones while in Israel, send the recordings to Richard the Webmaster that night, and have him upload them for you to watch during class, or any other time you want to watch us in Israel.  Some of our KA students and parents will be with us!  When we find out more about the technology of this possibility, we will let you know.  We so want all of you to be part of this fun adventure!!
Thank you to all who joined with us today on Zoom for our Mom-chat.  Your comments are valued and we will keep improving our online experience as we work together.
Thanks for all your support and patience as we work with your wonderful children!
Don’t smash too many pumpkins tomorrow.  🙂


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