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Aloha, parents of Junior B and Senior math!

Consider this challenge your students’ final “service project” for their math class. To earn a pizza party, your students will be preparing to teach their parents a few math principles or concepts that they’ve learned throughout this year.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Your student is choosing 3 of their favorite math principles (or if they’ve learned out of different math books, their favorite math concepts). They will prepare to teach the principles, using examples, and giving you a problem or two to solve. Your current math level doesn’t matter; this challenge is solely a teaching exercise.
  2. As their parent, you want to look for evidence that they have a solid concept in those math principles. Questions you can ask yourself as they teach you:
    1. Do they know what the math vocabulary words mean (if applicable)?
    2. Can they correctly teach you how to solve the problem?
    3. Do they have a story problem to show you? Does the story problem make sense?
  3. When they finish teaching you their math lesson, fill out this quick survey so their work can be submitted: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/92DVLYL
  4. When 5 surveys are submitted for a class, that class will have earned their pizza party! (Each student who teaches can qualify for a point, not just families!)
    1. To sweeten the deal… the first 5 families from each class who’s parents submit a survey will receive $5 to help in purchasing the pizza for the party! 😀 (Only $5 per family, not student, sorry.)

Thank you for allowing me to teach your children this school year!

P.S. Some students are still in the beginning of a math book. They don’t need to finish the book before the summer break unless they want to. The rest of this month is a perfect time to review everything they’ve learned, to organize and finalize their books, and to make a game plan for math next year.

P.P.S. Do they have to teach their parents in order to get a point? That is up to you as their parent. 🙂

~ Esther Langi

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