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Aloha! This Thursday, Oct. 28, we will be playing BINGO during Jr. B/Sr. Math class. The game is optional, and those who wish to not participate are more than welcomed to continue working on their math books (or be the number caller for a round). The page is blank so that each student can create their own math problems in each square. Each column is assigned a type of math problem they can create, and the middle column can be any type of problem they wish (exponent, algebraic formula, etc.). They will be creating 24 math problems total.

The only rule to the BINGO math problems: each answer has to be a WHOLE NUMBER BETWEEN 0 & 50.

That means no

  • negative numbers (ie. “-25”)
  • fractions, decimals, or percents (ie. “3/4” “7.5” or “49%” — fractions, decimals, or percents that equal a whole number are ok: ie. “100/5 = 20” “27.0 = 27” “1,600% = 16”)
  • integers with letter variables (ie. “37x”)
  • units (ie. ft., $, #)
  • problems where the answer is greater than 50

They can create more than one BINGO sheet if they want to! We will probably be playing about 2 or 3 rounds in class.

P.S. Be sure they have BINGO markers for their game. M&Ms are my personal favorite. 😉

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