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Hello everyone.

Following a Zoom meeting we had with several of you, we are excited to announce our new suggested schedule for next year, based on your recommendations!

You will notice that the year is divided into two semesters.  One beginning September 3 and going to January 16, and the second semester beginning January 21 until May 21.  You’ll also notice that we have added more classes, rather than teaching the same class multiple times. We are also including elective classes on Fridays, as you will see on the attached schedule.

In addition, we are following your suggestion to have scheduled testing weeks throughout the year, so that everyone can be on the same track.  We will also be holding monthly parent coordination and training meetings to allow us to make adjustments throughout the year, and better serve you.

Another suggestion was that we have a weekly 30-minute social time together so the students can become more engaged with each other online.  This we will rotate within the different classes so that all students will be able to participate as they so desire.

We will also be encouraging more participation from the students, as you recommended, so they can be part of the teaching experience.

More details will be forthcoming, but we hope with these changes and additions, this schedule will be set up in a way that a your family can register for whatever classes are best for your schedule and interest.  You can select individual classes, or all.  We welcome your feedback and any additional suggestions so that by September, 2019, we can have the KA Distance Learning program developed so it will be helpful and beneficial to you all.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support, dedication, and friendship.

Glenn and Julianne


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